Top methods of marketing for bariatric surgeons

Competition has affected not only other fields, but also the medical field as well. This may sound quite unusual in the wake of rising cases of obesity. However, in many medium-sized cities in the U.S., there are 3 to 4 facilities that offer bariatric surgery, and at least three bariatric practices. Is it a wonder then that bariatric surgeons need better marketing strategies? Here are some of the top methods of marketing for bariatric surgeons:

Let us begin with the more traditional methods

1. Referrals

This method has managed to transcend time. It has been a great source of business. However, this only works for you if you have already treated patients. If you are just starting out, this is not the best method for you.

2. Media-TV, print, and radio

These methods are quite expensive, and it may be difficult to account for the return on investment

Modern methods

1. Online advertising

All your competitors have great websites and accounts on major social networking sites. Furthermore, you will need a team that will monitor trends even on social media, respond to client’s questions and begin conversations, which is quite time-consuming. So what’s the way forward?

2. Smartphones

Just think about it. Everybody owns one. That means that if anyone wanted to check something from the internet, they would use their smartphone since it is the device that they have nearest. Even stats support this trend, which should get bariatric surgeons concerned. Very soon, mobile web users will surpass users who access the internet from their PCs and desktops.

One of the ways bariatric surgeons can utilize this trend is ensuring that they have a mobile site. Do not expect your clients to access your site from their smartphone or handheld device, yet the version that you have is meant for viewing on a PC or desktop. It will take so long to load, and your clients would rather visit your competitor’s site that is mobile friendly.

For a few prime examples at how mobile friendly pages can look check these pages out:

Ensure that your mobile site loads fast, and better still, has all the pages to provide all the information that potential clients are likely to look. Better still, they should also make inquiries and book appointments.

Apart from mobile sites, apps are the other smart option. Offer a free app that will allow them to make appointments, learn about the bariatric surgery, track the pounds that they are losing, and even take pictures. The app will not only benefit your clients, but also you, the bariatric surgeon. You will be able to track your marketing efforts and get to know whether your return on investment is worth it. An app also has other advantages like push notifications, which allow you to send invites to clients who have used the app. You can also get email notifications when someone makes an appointment or RSVP’s for a seminar and see the client’s journey from when they downloaded the app.

All in All

As you can see, top methods of marketing for bariatric surgeons incorporate both traditional and modern marketing methods. As much as you may want to utilize modern technological trends, they must be backed by traditional ones. For example, someone who visits your website should be asked to download the app. The same applies to referrals, traditional advertising, and even seminars.