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Marketing for Ophthalmologists – Special Ops

Headed in Dallas, Texas, Find Ophthalmologists leads the industry with innovate ways to market an ophthalmology practice. This article is inspired by FO.

Today I’m talking a little about ophthalmologists, their line of work, and what you should consider doing when you’re performing any marketing for them. Before you get started, you must understand that there’s a fine difference between ophthalmologists, optometrist, and opticians. These three roles play key to a complete eye care plan, but for our specific purposes we’ll be focusing entirely on an ophthalmologist.

What separates an ophthalmologist from the other two eye care professionals is that an ophthalmologist can treat all sorts of eye diseases, perform surgery on patients, and prescribe lenses and medication for people needing eye care.

In brief, an optometrist can only treat certain kinds of eye diseases, prescribe lenses and provide eye care to a certain extent. An optician is similar to a pharmacist in the sense that they deliver the lenses and contacts prescribed by an optometrist or ophthalmologist.

Now that we have those minor definitions out of the way let’s focus on WHY we want to promote ophthalmologists over anything else. Please note that I do not mean to detract from any other profession at all. However, if we want to maximize our local marketing efforts we should focus more on a field that can encompass full eye care. This method comes from http://findophthalmologists.com/ in where they focus on promoting every area of personal eye care through doctors that have paid the ultimate price of specialized knowledge.

But, if you have an optometrist that also needs help you should focus on serving him or her as they can recommend more serious cases of eye care to an ophthalmologist.


So, because an ophthalmologist can perform a FULL SCOPE of eye care, and because they can treat more serious forms of eye disease through surgery you now have available the ability to market to a wider audience, and yet be ultra specific.

Let’s take an example a severe problem of the eyes in which detachment is occurring, causing a flurry of floaters and light flashes to occur in the patients eyes. This is a serious form of eye detachment that needs to be treated right away. You cannot treat this with traditional medicine, nor can you have ineffective therapy place the eye back to normality. This kind of case requires a surgeon that will treat this conditions. In Fort Worth, there are many advanced facilities that cater to these kind of needs, it is so that FO has decided to branch out in this sector: http://findophthalmologists.com/best-eye-surgeons-in-fort-worth-texas/

After the surgery, the ophthalmologist can send the patient back to his optometrist, or if it is a new case, this can become a permanent patient for the ophthalmologist. The goal here then is to find people that are in various parts of the eye care process and send them directly to an ophthalmologist.

So, let’s say for example you now brought in a client that is an ophthalmologist. Having a deeper understanding of the field you’re in is an asset to you and your client. By coming to this page, you are now getting that asset because I’ve done the prior research for you. What you need to do know is study for at least three hours the various forms of eye diseases and the statistics to get a better understanding of your market.

At this current moment in time, there are people seeking help for corneal surgery, blur rinses of their eyes, curtains falling on them, and various other diseases, fungal infections, and bacterial infections. When you place your doctor in front of these core group of people you’ve officially catapulted them in an ocean with an abundant amount of fish to be captured.

With that being said, what are some next steps you will take to capture this audience more effectively? If you know me, you know where I’ll be fishing. 😉

If you want to go ahead and take a peak at what FindOphthalmologists is doing in the Texas arena, be sure to visit their main squeeze at: http://findophthalmologists.com/best-eye-surgeons-in-dallas-texas/