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Marketing for Ophthalmologists – Special Ops

Headed in Dallas, Texas, Find Ophthalmologists leads the industry with innovate ways to market an ophthalmology practice. This article is inspired by FO.

Today I’m talking a little about ophthalmologists, their line of work, and what you should consider doing when you’re performing any marketing for them. Before you get started, you must understand that there’s a fine difference between ophthalmologists, optometrist, and opticians. These three roles play key to a complete eye care plan, but for our specific purposes we’ll be focusing entirely on an ophthalmologist.

What separates an ophthalmologist from the other two eye care professionals is that an ophthalmologist can treat all sorts of eye diseases, perform surgery on patients, and prescribe lenses and medication for people needing eye care.

In brief, an optometrist can only treat certain kinds of eye diseases, prescribe lenses and provide eye care to a certain extent. An optician is similar to a pharmacist in the sense that they deliver the lenses and contacts prescribed by an optometrist or ophthalmologist.

Now that we have those minor definitions out of the way let’s focus on WHY we want to promote ophthalmologists over anything else. Please note that I do not mean to detract from any other profession at all. However, if we want to maximize our local marketing efforts we should focus more on a field that can encompass full eye care. This method comes from http://findophthalmologists.com/ in where they focus on promoting every area of personal eye care through doctors that have paid the ultimate price of specialized knowledge.

But, if you have an optometrist that also needs help you should focus on serving him or her as they can recommend more serious cases of eye care to an ophthalmologist.


So, because an ophthalmologist can perform a FULL SCOPE of eye care, and because they can treat more serious forms of eye disease through surgery you now have available the ability to market to a wider audience, and yet be ultra specific.

Let’s take an example a severe problem of the eyes in which detachment is occurring, causing a flurry of floaters and light flashes to occur in the patients eyes. This is a serious form of eye detachment that needs to be treated right away. You cannot treat this with traditional medicine, nor can you have ineffective therapy place the eye back to normality. This kind of case requires a surgeon that will treat this conditions. In Fort Worth, there are many advanced facilities that cater to these kind of needs, it is so that FO has decided to branch out in this sector: http://findophthalmologists.com/best-eye-surgeons-in-fort-worth-texas/

After the surgery, the ophthalmologist can send the patient back to his optometrist, or if it is a new case, this can become a permanent patient for the ophthalmologist. The goal here then is to find people that are in various parts of the eye care process and send them directly to an ophthalmologist.

So, let’s say for example you now brought in a client that is an ophthalmologist. Having a deeper understanding of the field you’re in is an asset to you and your client. By coming to this page, you are now getting that asset because I’ve done the prior research for you. What you need to do know is study for at least three hours the various forms of eye diseases and the statistics to get a better understanding of your market.

At this current moment in time, there are people seeking help for corneal surgery, blur rinses of their eyes, curtains falling on them, and various other diseases, fungal infections, and bacterial infections. When you place your doctor in front of these core group of people you’ve officially catapulted them in an ocean with an abundant amount of fish to be captured.

With that being said, what are some next steps you will take to capture this audience more effectively? If you know me, you know where I’ll be fishing. 😉

If you want to go ahead and take a peak at what FindOphthalmologists is doing in the Texas arena, be sure to visit their main squeeze at: http://findophthalmologists.com/best-eye-surgeons-in-dallas-texas/

Top methods of marketing for bariatric surgeons

Competition has affected not only other fields, but also the medical field as well. This may sound quite unusual in the wake of rising cases of obesity. However, in many medium-sized cities in the U.S., there are 3 to 4 facilities that offer bariatric surgery, and at least three bariatric practices. Is it a wonder then that bariatric surgeons need better marketing strategies? Here are some of the top methods of marketing for bariatric surgeons:

Let us begin with the more traditional methods

1. Referrals

This method has managed to transcend time. It has been a great source of business. However, this only works for you if you have already treated patients. If you are just starting out, this is not the best method for you.

2. Media-TV, print, and radio

These methods are quite expensive, and it may be difficult to account for the return on investment

Modern methods

1. Online advertising

All your competitors have great websites and accounts on major social networking sites. Furthermore, you will need a team that will monitor trends even on social media, respond to client’s questions and begin conversations, which is quite time-consuming. So what’s the way forward?

2. Smartphones

Just think about it. Everybody owns one. That means that if anyone wanted to check something from the internet, they would use their smartphone since it is the device that they have nearest. Even stats support this trend, which should get bariatric surgeons concerned. Very soon, mobile web users will surpass users who access the internet from their PCs and desktops.

One of the ways bariatric surgeons can utilize this trend is ensuring that they have a mobile site. Do not expect your clients to access your site from their smartphone or handheld device, yet the version that you have is meant for viewing on a PC or desktop. It will take so long to load, and your clients would rather visit your competitor’s site that is mobile friendly.

For a few prime examples at how mobile friendly pages can look check these pages out:

Ensure that your mobile site loads fast, and better still, has all the pages to provide all the information that potential clients are likely to look. Better still, they should also make inquiries and book appointments.

Apart from mobile sites, apps are the other smart option. Offer a free app that will allow them to make appointments, learn about the bariatric surgery, track the pounds that they are losing, and even take pictures. The app will not only benefit your clients, but also you, the bariatric surgeon. You will be able to track your marketing efforts and get to know whether your return on investment is worth it. An app also has other advantages like push notifications, which allow you to send invites to clients who have used the app. You can also get email notifications when someone makes an appointment or RSVP’s for a seminar and see the client’s journey from when they downloaded the app.

All in All

As you can see, top methods of marketing for bariatric surgeons incorporate both traditional and modern marketing methods. As much as you may want to utilize modern technological trends, they must be backed by traditional ones. For example, someone who visits your website should be asked to download the app. The same applies to referrals, traditional advertising, and even seminars.

What to Look for in Local Search Marketing Service

search marketingMany consumers are still not informed of what to look for in local search marketing services. To them, this could either be a new initiative or just lacking know-how on matters related to local search marketing services. According a demographic research carried online, a high percentage of consumers have started understanding the need for visiting the internet for what they intend to use locally. For this reason, with the use of search engines, they can find services and products of their choice.

What is local search?

Local search only refers to the use of specific online search engine that has the capability to permit consumers to submit searches that are geographical against a database that in a given local business listing. A local listing does not only deal with information about “what” the visitor of the site is looking for, but also the “where” information too. Also, it si important to note that business advertisements support local search websites that must prominently feature when consumers search for particular services and products in dedicated locations.

Having read a brief introduction about local search, I am going to highlight some factors addressing the question; what to look for in local search marketing services. For this reason, consider the following factors:

Do they have proof, or are they just guessing?

The authentication of the local search marketing firm you intend to deal is a significant parameter in this category. For instance, before getting yourself into any company dealing in local business marketing, ask self whether such a company can get you off the ground without necessarily spending a fortune. Knowing your budget is indeed worth achievable if you deal with a duly registered local business marketing company.

The background of the local search marketing service firm is another essential guide to putting in place. In any case, it is prudent to deal with a company that is known for having effective marketing tips for the search engines using updated advertisement methods, as well as modern technology. However, such approaches and techniques should always be accurate as well as ethical. This should be determined by the background of the company you are putting to task.

What does the internet say about them?

What is the reputation of the local search marketing service firm you are hiring? This is also a glamorous aspect you need to employ in your bid to appear on the top most ranked business across the globe. Many enterprises are known for their conduct based on how they have always handled their clients. Being an online business, finding the best local search marketing service firm has lots of upheaval tasks in it. Thus, as a consumer, you need to look for a company that is known for an excellent reputation across the divide.

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Are they found on the searches as well?

Does the firm use the right keywords that can easily be found in the search engine whenever need arises? As it works, the fundamentals of search engine promotion commences by the rightful use of the keywords as this is what reflects what a client will apply in the quest for the best application. This therefore means that you need to carry out your own research in order to find the best company that is has been in existence for quite long thereby having the ability to correctly choose keywords as demanded by the potential website owners.

The ability to enhance growth in business hence reaching as many customers as possible without leaving holes in the client’s wallet is another determinant to put in place. Having optimized the keywords of a given search engine in addition to providing all the fundamentals, robust marketing talent and skills are very useful for a business owner. This way, you stand very high chances of getting the most bangs in as far as advertising the dollar is concerned. For this reason, it is significant to weigh the ability of the local search marketing firm you intend to hire for the best practices and achievements.

All in all conclusively, because there are numerous companies dealing with local search marketing, it is prudent to address a business that can get you from the ground to achieving your set goals and objectives. For this reason, consider doing enough research about the company you want to engage directly. This way, you will emerge the best among your competitors.

If this helps let me know in the comments below.

How to Sell Through Email and SEO

CaniSeo G+If you consider email marketing to be an obsolete technique of marketing and promotion, and won’t bring you any gain, especially financial, I have three words for you: you’re totally wrong. Emails may have been present for a much longer time compared to many other forms of online marketing. On a closer evaluation of its specifics, you will realize that all along you’ve been ignoring one of the best, cheapest and results oriented promotional techniques at your reach; selling through email means selling your best.

When you envisage the 929 million email accounts owned and operated by various entities across the world, it appears that you can never go wrong setting up yours. Nonetheless, note that there’s a massive flow of newsletters on a daily basis and it would be a real challenge to stand out from the rest. Luckily, through this article you’ll learn easy and effective techniques to help your emails stand out.

This is how we believe readers sort out their hundred emails, which will determine whether they will get to read your e-mail sales messages and whether they will work or fail: (1) unprofessional — poor grammar, poorly written, a mixture of different formatting styles and fonts (2) lackluster — messages that leave them asking “so what?” and (3) winner e-mails – that compels them to buy your product or service.

So, what are the traits that separate the winners from the rest? After analyzing the most outstanding e-mail sales message, we came up with the following steps to writing e-mail messages that sell:

Write a truthful and compelling subject line.

Just like with every other email message, the first task is to come up with subject line compels the reader to open it. Great subject lines communicate the message content and promise an outcome, product or service of real value. Majority e-mail sales messages have the word ‘DISCOUNT’or ‘FREE’ in the subject line making those words to appear like a prerequisite. However, after the so free offers or first dozen, the reader is cautious and wants something extra.

Deliver a clear and precise message in advance

Readers are busy and don’t have enough time to make out what it is you’re offering. They are impatient; apart from that, they don’t need a tease or a “clever” narrative leading up to the key point. Be precise and succinct. Open with a clear declaration of what you’re supplying or offering. For instance, your opening it should be concise and precise to grabs the reader’s attention with a question, and then provide a solution.

Here is an example: “Are you seeking a unique, effective and pocket friendly way to market your site or business? Try Postcards”

Majority of e-mail sales messages begin with a lengthy recap to the user of why he’s receiving the e-mail messages (opt in) and a detailed guideline on how to withdraw or stop receiving them (opt out). This statement is a necessary courtesy, but it wastes a lot of valuable time and space. Though it’s important to give readers this “opt in” and “opt out” information, make it the last or closing point of your message

Here’s a good example of an opt in video that leads people to make a decision to enter their email:

Texas SEO by sotoces1

Deliver one message.

After spending a lot of your time, energy and money establishing an e-mail marketing or promotion list you may get tempted to actualize your money’s value by utilizing the list to inform all potential clients about everything you offer or do: for instance, free mouse pads, the winter sale and 2 hot new products or services among others. Don’t.

Usually, readers have very short attention spans but long enough to absorb one message at a time. The best approach for delivering several e-mail sales messages is by writing a single message for every item you’re trying to sell or offering. If you have so much to inform your readers, and would want to communicate with them on a regular basis, consider using an e-mail newsletter; it’s a better layout for multiple messages.

Give value

In return for actually reading your communication, offer readers something of worth: a special offer or useful information, and perhaps something discounted or free. Here’s a sample of e-mail sales message that excellently combines the assurance of valuable material with a discount or free offer. For instance, “is your website secure enough to enable you conduct business safely? To learn what’s driving security on all leading websites; apply for your FREE copy of the newsletter ‘Securing Your Website for Business’ from Marcus Villain.”

Illustrate to readers how they stand to benefit

It isn’t enough simply inform the readers of what you’re offering. For instance, “Try our free online security service.” Inform them how your offer, service or product will benefit them. For instance, “Our free online security service will enable you secure your business website and confidential information from hackers and online theft. It will warn you of potential threats and block websites that pose a threat to your entity’s security.”

Here’s another example clearly portraying how you or your entity stands to gain: “Sign-up for the Private Financial Advisory to receive powerful, personalized and objective advice each week via e-mail on ways to effectively invest your funds to help you to attain your personal financial objectives.”

Include a call-to-action

Your persuasive subject line and customer-focused lead have so far done the trick and you’ve caught readers’ attention. You’ve offered them detailed information and showed them how your services or products will be of benefit to them. Now stretch your efforts further and tell them exactly what you require of them or want them to do.

Avoid simply asking them to visit your site and instead inform them what you expect of them. For instance, invite them to register for your free weekly newsletter, enter a draw and buy your product or services. Here are good examples: “Sign up to win a free trip to Venice by visiting our website” or “Download a demo software at: example.com”


Lastly, pay attention to timing. Take note of the best days of the week or month to send your potential clients your email sales messages. For instance, Mondays are always considered the best days as it increases the odds of the readers seeing and actually reading your mails. Apart from that, know the optimal frequency of sending the email messages to boost open rates and increase your odds of customers’ proper response.

Lastly, know the time period it takes the entire sales process; that is, from the time of opening the email messages to making orders or purchases.

The 4 P’s of Selling Are Not Enough

The model of the selling mix is based on the 4 P’s (Product, Price, Promotion and Distribution), created by Jerome McCarthy in 1960, and has been used by marketers worldwide over more than half a century. Unfortunately, that model has now come to an end and is no longer sufficient to address the market and target customers at present.

To efficiently guide the market today, we need to evolve and create an “innovation” model, and if we talk about innovation, we can do this in two ways: using an incremental evolution of our selling mix package or entering into a more radical change. Let’s look at two approaches:

Incremental Changes. From 4 to 7 P’s

This model consists of adding onto the traditional 4 P’s, and creating 3 new ones:

  • Process: This means the processes and systems within the organization that affect the performance of the service;
  • People: This includes employees who run the service, fundamentally those that are in the “front line” to the client;
  • Physical Emotional Evidence: These are aspects related to generating customer feelings that remind them and ensure a positive consumer experience, and loyalty. (sensory  based marketing).

This development model allows for and includes aspects that go beyond the product itself and consider the associated service dimension, capable of generating additional customer value to an unheard of degree.

Let’s talk about the radical approach.

From the 4 P’s to the 4 E’s

Our previous model allows the evolution of the product concept to the service of the customer.

However, the model of the 4 E’s allows us to contemplate paradigms related to the customer experience.

Let me explain:

  • From Product to Emotion: This allows us to be able to get the product to the customer’s heart, and really get to their emotional side;
  • From Price to Exclusiveness: We’ll focus on product differentiation and uniqueness, and this allows us to avoid the commodity effect;
  • From Place to Experience: This ensures that the client goes through a unique experience from the initial contact all the way to a series of contacts through different marketing channels;
  • Promotion of Engagement: This is a long-term approach focused on getting commitment and customer loyalty.

Out of these four changes which ones do you think will serve your customers, or clients, the best?

Personally, I’d rather move from the four P’s to the 4 E’s based off of the fact that I know that when I create that image and that brand that is just plain different that I can really differentiate myself from everyone else, but that’s just my two cents – what are yours?

Leave a comment below, and be sure to share this if you know your friends can benefit from this kind of info.

Portrait of young woman.

– Alice

P. S. Got some exciting projects underway. Stay tuned for them as I’m certain you’ll be pleased with them.

How to Sponsor in Network Marketing

Do you really wanna know How To Sponsor More Network Marketing Reps? The only reason I ask is simply because most people ask but few people do. For some reason or another people think they can come in to the Direct Sales industry and live a vacation. They hear the stories of someone working 3 hrs a day and they read The 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris. Then they jump into this business and within 90 days they are gone wondering why so many people lied to them. So, I’m going to answer two of the biggest questions I get asked:

1) How Do I Sponsor More Reps?: Well the simple answer is to generate more leads! This is the DIRECT SALES industry and sales is simply a huge numbers game. It is true that the vast majority of the individuals who see your product/opportunity are going to say no. So, you need to set up a lead generation system that does all of the sifting and sorting for you. Then when you do find yourself on the phone or in person with your prospect, the SYSTEM has pre-qualified them. Imagine how much more profitable your business would be if you only talked to interested people. The confidence and enthusiasm alone are worth a million dollars. This is the #1 difference between the top 2% of earners and everyone else, they always have people to talk to. What makes this even more exciting is that the system is repeatable. Which means your team, that is now growing by leaps and bounds, has access to the same system you do so they can grow their team just as you do! Are you beginning to see the possibilities!?

2) Will I Ever Get To Work 3 hrs/Day?: Yes, and probably 4, 5, 6 & 7! Look, yes it is possible to get to a place where you simply don’t need to put in the hours anymore. But I’ve got news for you, it’s gonna take some time, effort and money before you get there. This is a business and should be treated as such. There will come a time when you have figured out all of your systems and the only thing you have to do is recruit, teach and earn money. However, until you get to a position where your team is that big and your income is that substantial, you are going to have to dig your ditches if you ever expect it to rain!! Work as though you expect greatness and greatness will appear.

So there you’ve got it, the two most common questions I get. This may not have been exactly what you had in mind about How To Sponsor More Network Marketing Reps, but it’s the truth about what it takes. I’ve got a question for you…If I showed you EVERYTHING I’ve got that I use to build my business, including me walking you through step by step, would you do it? Would You? Most people say, “Yeah, I’d see if it works,” or, “I’d give it a shot.” If these are your answers, keep looking. I know, just like those before me knew, it works. The missing ingredient isn’t the system, strategy or magic pill. The missing link in How To Sponsor More Network Marketing Reps is you. I hope this helps you on your journey. Until next time, Happy Marketing!

What Is Affiliate Network Marketing?

The 1990’s are remembered for many things including grunge music, Jim Carrey films and the emergence of the World Wide Web. The emergence and rise of the World Wide Web gave companies and businesses all over the world to market their products and services to millions of consumers over the internet. This was furthered by the emergence of search engines that made it possible for people to look for information online as well as grow online businesses. With this, came the emergence of online marketing like CPM, fixed placement and affiliate marketing emerged.

Nevertheless, what exactly is affiliate network marketing? In summarized terms, affiliate marketing is a co-ordinated relationship between an advertiser, publisher and consumer. Advertisers consist of the parties that are willing to pay others to promote and sell their products. Publishers promote advertisers’ products and in exchange are paid in commission by the advertisers. Consumers are people who see a publishers and react by buying the product advertised by publishers, a process which commonly known as conversion in the online world.

Affiliate network marketing highly depends on cookies to work. A cookie is a technology that works with web browsers to store information such as passwords, log in details, shopping cart contents etc. When it comes to affiliate marketing, the main duty of cookies is to remember what ads or links a visitor to a website clicked on. When a click is made on an ad, the CJ cookie tracks the advertiser, publisher, specific creative and commission amount. This information is stored in what is known as a parameter. 

Depending on the type of affiliate program, there are different ways through which publishers are paid for their efforts in promoting advertisers products. There are three main types of affiliate programs, which include pay per sale, pay per click and pay per lead. 

In pay per sale affiliate program, a publisher, also known as an affiliate, sends an advertiser a client who purchases something. Some advertisers pay a fixed amount of money for every sale while others pay a percentage of the sales money to the affiliate.

In pay per click programs, affiliates are paid depending on the number of clicks on an ads link to visit the merchant website. Whether or not a visitor ends up purchasing something is not really a main concern here. 

Pay per lead affiliate programs pay their affiliates based on the number of visitors who end up signing as leads. To become a lead, a visitor is required to fill some information on the merchant site and this information is used by the advertiser as sales lead or sold to another advertiser as a sales lead.

There are other types of affiliate programs including two tier programs, residual programs and pay per impression programs. It should be noted these are not the only type of affiliate programs. This is mainly because advertisers come up with new affiliate programs that suit their needs without necessary adhering to the above rules. 

Affiliate network marketing has been able to benefit online businesses in various ways mainly because they only pay once effective results are achieved. However, affiliate marketing becomes a huge loss for a business if the money used to set up an affiliate program is more than the returns acquired from it.